Patient Blood Management

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The concept of PBM sincludes many measures which have, depending on the local conditions, different potentials. We made it to our mission to support other hospitals in the introduction! Especially for that, we established in January 2014 a "German PBM network", under which we work together with numerous hospitals of different size. We have experienced that, in particular, small clinics are capable to implement effective aspects very quickly through good interdisciplinary networking.


Specifically, we support interested clinics by individual tailoring the PBM-concept and provide marketing tools and training materials. The first step is to introduce the concept to your executive board. The approval by the ethics committee is already available for many hospitals in Germany. In the long term perspective we hope to strengthen the position of the PBMs in health care in order to contribute on health-policy level to the establishment of quality assurance concepts!


In particular, we hope that more room for preoperative optimization of patients is given, because here lays great potential to improve the care and quality of patient's life! More than 125 clinics are member of the national PBM network. We Support each other in the implementation and maintenance of PBM!